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Lumos Controls LED Retrofit Troffer Kit Simplifies Smart Lighting
Release on2022-05-05Lighting upgrades are often complicated. Lumos Controls LED Retrofit Troffer Kit is designed to simplify the process. The troffer can be installed wit...Read More
Yujileds® LED Matrix Solution with Full-color Functions
Release on2022-03-31Yujileds® Matrix aims to provide high-density illumination with high-performance white, tunable-white light and full-color lighting options for a var...Read More
Unilumin Supported the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
Release on2022-02-22On February 4, 2022, the whole world watched the Opening Ceremony for the Beijing Winter Olympics. This grand event provided a stunning visual feast t...Read More
New date: Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022
Release on2022-01-19Frankfurt am Main, January 10, 2022. As the pandemic situation continues to develop very dynamically, Messe Frankfurt is postponing the world's leadin...Read More
J Series® 2835 G Class 3V LEDs Now Shine Even Brighter
Release on2021-12-16J Series 2835 3V G Class LEDs combine high efficacy and superior value in an industry-standard package. Optimized for both horticulture and general il...Read More
Sustainability: LUXEON 5050 HE delivers higher efficacy in a high-power LED
Release on2021-11-25Lumileds, innovator of the original 5050 LED, has expanded its range of options to meet manufacturers needs for differentiated solutions addressing co...Read More
NICHIA Launches High Power 200mW UV-C LED
Release on2021-10-29NICHIA, the world’s largest LED manufacturer and inventor of the high-brightness blue and white LED, has begun mass production of another new high ra...Read More
Lufthansa Improves Travel Experience with Innovative Cabin Including HCL
Release on2021-09-29Lufthansa passengers can now enjoy a whole new flying experience on short and medium-haul routes. Thanks to a new innovative cabin, the airline is not...Read More
New Ecodesign & Labelling Rules Become Applicable Today
Release on2021-09-07The Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations for light sources adopted in 2019 and revised in February this year become applicable today in all EU M...Read More
Retailers Employing NICHIA LED Technology Are Ahead Of The Game
Release on2021-09-03News Source:NICHIA After completing a successful pilot project, German retailer EDEKA equips its latest store entirely with NICHIA technology Tokushi...Read More
NTU Singapore Scientists Create Ultra-high Performance Flexible UV Sensors for Use in Wearables
Release on2021-08-20To enable the development of wearable devices that possess advanced ultraviolet (UV) detection functions, scientists from Nanyang Technological Univer...Read More
EDEKA Equips Its Latest Store Entirely with Advanced LED Technologies
Release on2021-08-18LED manufacturer NICHIA is a technology leader in highly efficient human centric lighting and the replication of natural light. Its innovative LED tec...Read More
Luminescent Nanocrystals BAM Develops Methods for Quantitative Measurements
Release on2021-08-12Tiny luminescent particles are used in more and more products today: from smartphones to OLED televisions to car headlights. For industry, exact knowl...Read More
Disinfection LEDs from Anglia
Release on2021-08-03Anglia Components has begun stocking UV-C ultra-violet LEDs from Bolb. “UV-C LEDs are gaining attention because they provide robust, toxic-free disin...Read More
Signify Joins HomeGrid Forum to Transform Wireless Communications Through LiFi
Release on2021-07-30HomeGrid Forum has today announced that Signify, (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, has joined the organization to expand the innovation...Read More
Sams Osram presents the new quantum point LED
Release on2021-07-27AMS OSRAM presents a new quantum point point. LED technology has increased for many years and the demand for high quality solutions and energy efficie...Read More
Renovate Lighting for More Energy Savings
Release on2021-07-23LightingEurope welcomes the publication of the EU ‘Fit for 55’ package today, which transforms the EU’s ambition to deliver 36-39% of energy effici...Read More
White Paper | Lighting for Health: Human-Centric Lighting
Release on2021-07-14Lighting designers and luminaire makers want to understand how to leverage advanced LEDs to achieve efficient human centric lighting solutions that pr...Read More
Signify Expands Smart City Offerings by Acquiring Telensa
Release on2021-07-07News Source: Signify Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, announces today that it acquiredTelensa ...Read More
UV LED Curing for OLED Encapsulation
Release on2021-07-05Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) devices are becoming widely desirable and have been referred to as the, “future of display.” An OLED display has...Read More